Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teacher Profile: The Pal

Imagine if the mom in Mean Girls suddenly took an interest in Science.

Don't want to? Me neither, but I'm forced to see the horrible results every day. On the first day of school Ms. Pal handed out her cellphone number. She told us if there was "a really nasty science prob we needed help with" just to drop her a text. Reading between the lines this translated to, "Please call me and ask me to see a movie with you and your friends." Now, call me a traditionalist but I'm disarmed whenever my teachers show more skin than I do. Also when they wear gold toenail polish. I observed this last piece of information when, after telling a charming story about the effects of a chemical spill, my teacher waggled her foot at us. The next day of class I found my teacher sitting at her desk surrounded by the male students of my class. Just before I sat down I heard, "You're lactose intolerant? That's so cool! I have a cousin who's lactose intolerant too!" Huh, since when is the inability to digest dairy products cool?


Esther said...

Your posts always make me laugh.

I sometimes joke with my daughter that if she annoys me too much I'll start acting like that Mum. That usually gets a result.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yeah, I think there's much to be said for keeping the barrier up between teachers and students. And the cleavage covered.
Cool? Lactose intolerance? Oh dear.

Esther said...

Hi, this is how you do a link, for future reference. (I've only learnt by trial and error.)

Open the post or website that you want to link to, go to the address bar at the top, highlight it, right click and choose Copy.

When you write your post, highlight the few words that you want to turn into the link, go to your toolbar at the top and choose the one that looks like a chain link. A little box will pop up with the the space to write a http address in it. Just Paste the address there that you've copied and that should be it.

If you've got any more questions just let me know and I'll try to draw from my limited fountain of knowledge to help.

Saucy said...

Several tips for dealing with Ms. Pal

by Saucy

1. Hand in your term paper on pink scented paper!

2. Bedazzle your beakers!

3. Tell her how much you think she resembles Britney Spears and/or Christina Aguliera, thus sparking a debate as to whom each of you prefer.

4. Your science fair entry should be a timeline evaluation of Cindy Crawford's mole.

5. Assist Ms. Pal in her efforts to obtain the funding for limited edition Juicy lab coats!

Good luck, Ms. Piclast... you are going to need it.