Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Becoming familiar with the underwear of your peers

High School is one of the few places where you debate healthcare reform with someone and then have to be half-naked around them 40 minutes later. Maybe if Congress adopted this rule they'd feel too uncomfortable to argue. There's that moment of realization in math class, "Oh yuck. I know what color underpants she's wearing." Of course not everyone feels deeply awkward. I guess some of my more upper-body confident classmates consider it an ideal time to have conversations.
"Hey Lulu, do you understand the science homework?"
"Yes. I do. Can we talk about it when you're clothed?"
Then of course there is the swimming unit. You know how there are stories about people who get a sudden burst of strength and lift school buses from on top of children? Well I think that my friends and I do a similar thing in that we can put on a swim suit and take off regular clothes without ever removing either. It's a feat of incredible proportion. The smell of artificial coconut still makes me nervous, because everybody used "Gurrrl Currrl: Coconut Shampoo." Showering was the worst. I'm sure they got the shower room idea out of a building plan for a Viking torture chamber. The real problem I had with the layout was the visible drain. Apparently either people leave dead dark haired hamsters in the locker room or people really need to use shower caps. 

Rather then ask my mom for shower shoes, I requested shower boots.


LiLi M. said...

Haha you crack me up! Nice boots btw these are a kind of addiction of mine, I have 4 pairs and never wear them (too hot) but now I think I need a shower pair too! Thanks on behalf of my husband! Great blog!

Saucy said...

And delightful boots they are, we lurrve Tokidoki over here. Does Hello Kitty have to move over? Has the friendly Japanese feline been replaced?

Oh, and I wouldn't want to be standing in your fancy boots and be back in high school a single day. Someday, you will be glad to be *cough* 42.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

LOVE that idea--communal showers for Congress before they debate ANYTHING. I think I'm gonna like your blog, Lulu.