Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So many different ways to not enjoy kale!


My blogging abilities might be hindered today, due to the fact that I have not just eaten baked kale but also had it in juice form. Imagine a person who doesn't brush their teeth eating the hair from the floor of Supercuts and then burping it into your mouth.


My family recently acquired a juicer. Already it has been put to great evils. Apparently my mom thinks it's a fun plan to juice vegetables. Well nice try, buddy! I was tipped off by the fact that the juice was bright green. As my brother, Peanut, and I gagged over the sink it was admitted to us that ginger and orange were, for some reason, also included. It was very exotic. As a reply to her confession Peanut screamed, "IT HAS CHUNKS!" It was a highly acute observation. My own personal worry is that the kale has taken up permanent residence in my throat. It feels like I tried to swallow a nest. I'm going to go now, I have a few packs of mint gum to chew.


Tobin said...

i love kale. you'll grow up to love it, too.

Superbadfriend said...

Kale is a wonderful veggie. Tell yer momma to add an apple, carrot, celery, beet, pineapple and some ginger. That should sweeten up the juice a bit for you and Peanut. :) xo

Saucy said...

Obviously your mother is trying to kill you. Get out while you can. Come north where the cupcakes are plentiful.

Anita said...

don't let your Mom watch late night infomercials. Suggest a French drink- anything French to divert her.