Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best. Homework. Ever.

I am currently enrolled in a sketch program. My teacher gave the class this assingment: Try and listen to people saying bizarre or hilarious things that would make a good line in a scene. My immediate thought was that people were far too boring to say hilarious things. Boy was I wrong. Walking out of class I heard a snippet of someone's phone conversation, "...and then there were all these guys in kilts." The funny part was that she said it so nonchalantly. Like how a normal person would say, "...and then it was cloudy." Eavsdropping this made me feel like Harriet the Spy.

 I decided to pay more attention walking through the halls of my school. I heard some weird stuff. One of the better sentences being, "Moles... Why is this?" It's not just things people say too. I've begun to notice a variety of weird things in the written world as well. For example, in my french text book, somebody went to the back in the vocab section and underlined only "Yogurt" and "Poultry." In English class today we had to come up with words we associate with the middle ages. My teacher then passed them back out and had us read them. The person's I was reading wrote "Death, plague, and music books" as their last three things. Now, maybe I haven't gotten to that part of the middle ages yet in my reading, but are those things really that connected?


Esther said...

Maybe you could write a musical sketch about the plague in Scotland in the Middle Ages. That would incorporate a few things. Actually that sounds rather Pythonesque.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This sounds so funny. Imagine the poetry you could make with these snippets.