Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Am a Secret Agent.

This is me


So in my family our everyday Juno-eque speech has become a sort of secret code. I became in on it as a toddler.

We call these "Butt Rolls"

As time passed our weird dictionary grew. You know how they say Eskimos have 20 words for snow? We're like that, but with butt jokes. We've also branched out to include topical references. "Limbaugh" is used to desccribe a certain symptom of food born illness. The only one who never really got the secret part of our secret language is Peanut. He only just found out the entire world doesn't say butt rolls. This being something he learned the hard way. Recently he's started to warm up to that fact the other people are normal. Unfortunately this also means that he thinks nobody understands his code words. He's started to say "Lidiot" as a disguise of the word "Idiot." It's pronounced exactly like the word idiot but with an "L",  clever!


Linda Crispell said...

I am pretty sure that the rest of the world calls those butt rolls.
1. They are as soft as a baby's bum!
2. They resemble an ample behind!

A bad butt roll, perhaps with a pat of e-coli rather than butter can lead to a terrible bout of Limbaugh or Coulter.

RED SHOES said...

i think you should share more of your secret code ;)

Tobin said...

see "i am a secret agent"

Esther said...

My girls are great at making up their own language, but usually for either really random things (the little white bit on the end of a hair when you pull it out is a "zenticle") or crude things (a "watley" is a fart that makes a bubbly noise.) They have 20 words for the different kinds of farts.Weirdly, most of their words actually seem to fit.